Ten good reasons to not to date a wrestler

1 - Wrestlers travel a lot, mostly on weekends, so don't plan anything on your free time.

2- Wrestlers are often bodybuilders, therefore they wont eat normal food. Having dinner with them might turn into an utopia.

3- Wrestlers often follow the rule "What is in the road, remains on the road". It means that they will cheat on you no matter what almost every time they go away.

4- If a wrestler is taking steroids, usually they will just think about three things: lifting weights, having sex and picking fights. Only one of this things is good. The sex part turns into bad since it makes rule number 3 more likely to happen.

5- Wrestling girls come home smelling of other men's sweat.

6- Since wrestlers are so likely to have sex around and get hurt during training and performance, you can also forget about sex when they come back home.

7- Your wrestling girlfriend often will deny to have a boyfriend or even know you, with the sole purpose of getting new bookings with the promoters... You can imagine a whole range of other things they can do for bookings too.

8- Since wrestling belongs to the show bussiness, it wont be convenient for them in some point not to even be seen with anybody in public. So, as soon as your boyfriend/girlfriend starts appearing in magazines and tv you are out of game.

9- Wrestlers respect only each other. The mere fact that you are not one of them will cause you to be inferior, less atractive, less intelligent or even belong to a lower part of the evolution chain acording to their thoughts. As long as there is another wrestler around, you are not fun anymore.

10- Wrestlers end up really fucked up in about 10 years time, their bodies full of contractures and broken bones that never heal. They can even break their backs, so you will have to cope with that too. In adition to all mentioned before, who the hell wants to bother with such people? Even going out with a prostitute is less hassle. At least they have a lot of spare time for you and you know that if they have sex with somebody else, it's just work and they wont lie to you about it.

My space

I have been going out a lot lately and now I am facing forced rest, since I runned out of cash.

I guess my body is a bit angry at me and eventually I get few seconds of hangover even without drinking anything but coke or water.

So, this last days I had my doses of cinema, "nightwatch" and "the brothers grimm" have been the highlights of the week. Going also through my anime collection and finishing watching "the vision of Escaflowne" and "Samurai Champloo".

Other than that, quite busy organising my new "My Space". For those who want to have a look at my work:

Add me if you want!

Take care.


I hate the breaking up part of the story

About a week an a half I splitted up with my ex-girlfriend. She was kind of gradually leaving me. I seemed to be the only one taking the relationship seriously.

Now I feel sentimentally misguided.

I am probably acting like a slut to keep my heart busy... feeling guilty, I guess.

Normal people just breaks up and try to recover. But I am concerned about the strong temptation of going back together, to the same thing.

In some point I will have to tell the girls I found somebody I really like, whenever I find her.

How am I going to manage?. I hate that part. Aren´t there any vouchers I can give away? Like "I´m sorry darling, but you haven´t passed and we should remain friends"?

I hope soon I will stop being so extremely bored. My heart needs to beat harder and my stomach is empty of butterflies.


At last a test that makes sense

Hey everyone... here is mine

Your Social Dysfunction:

Being average in terms of how social you are, as well as the amount of self-esteem you have, you're pretty much normal. Good on you.

Take this quiz at

Please note that we aren't, nor do we claim to be, psychologists. This quiz is for fun and entertainment only. Try not to freak out about your results.


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This is my result from "Sin City quizz"

Predictable, isn´t it?

You scored as Marv. You are Marv.
You are very strong and somewhat of an outcast. You never take kindness for granted and would do anything for those who are good to you. Though you are strong and able to easily scare others, you often second guess yourself. Make sure to stay around those who know and accept you and try not to end up in prison for one of your admirable vengeance crusades.










Jackie Boy








Yellow bastard.


Which Sin City character are you (new version)?
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Do you want some poison? Here I go:

Speak of the devil. Part one.

The date: 31 of July. The time: 10:10 pm.

The party: "Black Mass VIII".

I arrive at "The Marquee" thinking of getting some hard time.

I was ready. Ready to find hell on earth and the so-called "Satanic Sluts" spitting hellish feminism from their gargantuan egos. Ready, also, to see some friends amongst them, but mainly ready for the worse. I had my head protection, my boxing gloves and a bring-the-pain-on look in my eyes. I entered, the music was good, well mixed and fresh, but difficult to follow, as usual.

Disappointingly I found out that Dischordia was holding the entire party on her back, if not saving the whole evening, with her stunning perfomance. Morrigan great too, but a bit distressed by the flashes (really unusual from her, I must add). The charming Morgana didn´t turn up and the rest...well, to be honest, I don´t remember their names, so many they have become.

"Let´s watch some Lady do whatever nasty stuff on stage, at the rhythm of NIN´s most heared songs and pretend we have a six-feet-tall hard on". Does it appeal your friends when you try to bring them out of, let´s say, the Devonshire arms and leave aside their watered down pints? Let me think...

But just calm down boy, because if you are single, good looking and want to get laid, better grab a beer at your local pub, since is mainly a "girls only" event. You would be luckier finding women at the bottom of detergent boxes.

"Dress as if your soul depended of it" is one of the most useless sentences they can advert with. I have seen more people in the burial of my old dog, and the bar was emptier than Calista Flockhart´s cleavage. The mood of the people was a bit misplaced too, like waiting for somebody to suggest a better plan. Luckily for the party, it runs in Soho and there are not many more alternative places around, and for the time you get to Camden Town you cannot get more booze.

What I cannot understand is, how a party like this, in its eighth edition, still needs some undressed girls to go out to the streets and call up even the tramps to fill it up(ok, the haven´t done it yet, but give them time),so membership enforced in a near future? I don´t think so. They are likely to begin to pay the customers to be there.

In fact, you could (only if you are a woman) win a bottle of red-absinthe. Never think of being considered rather than a money dispenser, ego-pumper, mental-wanker, misery-enhancer, spun-producing piece of male scum. But if you don´t try to be nice there you are better treated (all this bunch of doesn´t apply to well loved photographers, dj´s, or Nigel Wingrove).

Of course, all this "Cabaret" finishes there, and the few "satanic sluts" who don´t take themselves too seriously and believe their own movie ALSO have boyfriends and else. Yes, I mean people they don´t feel embarrassed to show around, being kept at the end of the phone list like the new hardcore-Mother Teresa-dildo in the hidden box.

And on this mood, smiling vaguely, with the feeling of a fighter whose contestant didn´t turn up, I left. They managed several performances, different from the past ones, but cyclically meaning the same once and again, edition after edition, devil winning over angel, wickedness over innocence... blah... blah... blah...

As "Pinhead" said in "Hellraiser III": "Father, you have such a narrow view of what hell can be..."

Signed: Spider.
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Good news, everyone.

Since midnight at X-tro I have a girlfriend. Her name is Aline, and I am going out with her... again :)

She is the sexiest, most beautiful, sweet, caring, funny, feminine, warm and a million other things. She is just the best. I am just in love... big time.

Do I sound funny? Well, I bet I do (he he).

Signed: God.

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Yes, I´ve done it too.

Here it goes...

LiveJournal Username
So, what's your name, Jedi?
I see. What's your affiliation?
Good, good. What's your lightsaber color?
Finally, what's your fighting tactic most likely to be?
The Sith Lord who hunts all Jedi: _ophelia___
The Jedi Master who leads you into battle: khain
The Leader of the Wookies: kaerasta
The One that dies in the first 20 minutes: snow_leopard
The Traitor who misleads you all: pachastella
Survivor #1haloj
Survivor #2elvishitler
The odds you'll survive this are:
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Don´t you have the feeling of being friends with the most fantastic people in the world?

After certain age I had the chance to select the best persons and turn down the "less-convenient-to-have-around" fuckers. Some even still say hello to me, but that´s not the point.

From here I want to make public that my friends, my friends-flatmates, my friends-co-workers and everybody who unfortunately is away are, in fact, as necesary to me as food or air and make my life dreamy, even when it´s rainy.

Yes... it seems that little by little I am again having the feeling that I am in the right place at the right moment of my life.